NYC Post #4: Time to Go Home, Dorothy.

We didn’t win. But it was a major honor to make it to the finals!

If I were giving an acceptance speech, I’d thank all of the people who believed in this little book and who helped me reach the stage.

I’m also blessed to have people in my queer family who text me things like “The KGB considers you a valuable asset, and even the TSA thinks your dick is the bomb!”

Wrapping up the Have You Seen Me tour: Where Writers Write on the Next Best Book Blog!



Lori Hettler of The Next Best Book Blog interviewed me as part of the Where Writers Write series. Click on the link to check it out! 

Excerpt on the Another Chicago Magazine Blog today!

Hooray, ACM!


Only 3 more days until I fly to New York with the rest of the CCLaP crew, for a whirlwind tour that will culminate with me finding out whether Have You Seen Me has won a Lambda Literary Award!


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